Insane progress! We’ve got an excellent film on our hands.

November 11, 2015 8:56 pm  /  News


Oh my, wow
It’s been an extremely busy and eventful period since we last posted. I am happy to say that everything is falling into place and we are on schedule.
The film is finally shaping up to be everything we knew it could be. We couldn’t be prouder.

A team effort, and family affair
Our tiny team has grown in scope and talent to take care of all the different aspects of postproduction, and everyone has gone above and beyond expectations, finding this to be the labor of love we have for so long.

The amazing and talented Katharina Fiedler was able to get us to our final “picture locked” edit via a long-distance workflow from Berlin.

Johannes Kunz worked his ass off and delivered some stellar sound design all ready and rearing to be mixed & mastered into a 5.1 surround sound masterpiece by long time supporter Alexander Berne and his main man Gary Baldassari in Alexander’s Florida Studio “The Theatre.”

Joshua Convey  and Skooby Laposky  made some magical original music for the film.

Titles & Design
The Strange Attractors  are on the job with the film titles!

We are super excited to be working with Luke Morrison at the Mill for the color grade, starting today!

Festivals ahoy!
Kevin and I have been trying to fill in all the gaps and keep it all together. We have started applying to festivals and are gearing up for an early 2016 premiere (mum’s the word, but it will be somewhere exciting). And of course we will have a big screening and party in Chi for all our hometown supporters.

OK that is all for now

Shawn & Kevin

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