Shawn collaborates with choreographer Ashley Fargnoli for “Sleeptalk”

January 4, 2017 9:09 pm  /  News

Happy new year! If you live near Chicago, be sure to join us at Links Hall Jan 13, 14 or 15 for Sleeptalk. Among Wolves director Shawn Convey lends multi-projector visuals to brilliant choreographer and dance activist Ashley Fargnoli’s most ambitious project yet. Plus, Josh Convey, who scored our film, will also be in town to perform his live score for the project as well. This is going to be excellent.

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Sleeptalk is a collaborative, experimental dance work about sleep talking and our relationship to the unconscious. Developed around actual recordings of sleep talking, it explores the revealing, disturbing, and even humorous things that can surface, translating them through an appropriately dreamlike mix of media. Conceived by Ashley Fargnoli in collaboration with the dancers, a videographer, composer, and set designer, Sleeptalk is inspired by Fargnoli’s own sleep talking, which began as a reaction to the vicarious trauma she encountered working as a trauma therapist. As the performance unfolds, it moves from the personal to Jung’s collective unconscious. The audience will discover threads that link the dancer’s stories and the mysterious power of the unconscious that connect us all.